Erin Drew This

Erin likes to draw. She has some skills.

Theater student, nerd enthusiast, wannabe musician, thaumaturge.

For silly drawings, request.


All of the large pendants based on my papercut illustrations are back in stock in my Etsy shop!

And don’t forget that everybody who makes a purchase through this Sunday the 31st will be entered to win their very own framed miniature ‘Belle and the Enchanted Rose’ papercut! You can read all the details in my shop announcement on Etsy. :)

get to know me meme → five musicals → 02; Cinderella

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This feeling when you walk into big art supply stores …


i want them all

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who summon me


who summon me

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Logan & Veronica Appreciation Week:

Day 7: Alternate Universe

Nine years later, Logan and Veronica use social media. And iPhones. (Inspired by 1 & 2.)

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I Wonder…

Photos from a recent shoot with the phenomenally gifted Rachel W. Harris Photography

Brair Rose by Us! c:
Our FB: [x]
Instagram: [x]
dA: [x]

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Lady, you got some dorky shorts.
dorkyshorts dorkyshorts Said:

'Tis true. 

I need some more though…